since 1918.

About us

WSK Poznan Ltd is a manufacturing company with over 100 years of tradition and experience in precision metalworking.
Its current line of products includes fuel injection components for diesel engines (DPA, and DP pumps and DPA, DPS, DP head & rotors), aircraft equipment (electromechanisms, electrovalves, solenoids) and precision metal parts.


  • employs 6 design engineers and 8 process engineers, who work with Solid    Works CAD/CAM system.
  • has its own research and testing laboratories, including endurance tests and long-term tests.
  • has toolshop equipped with EDM machine, milling machine and grinding machines.
  • has know-how of producing very precise elements, which work in difficult load conditions.
  • conducts R&D projects together with academic institutes.

  • 232 WORKERS


1918 year

establishment of the  Motor Equipment Manufacturing Plant in Poznań

1923 year

foundation of the Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego by the Ławica Airport in Poznań for production of aviation products

1948 year

moving of Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego to the centre of Poznań

1966 year

merger of the two enterprises into WSK-Poznań

1975-82 year

building of a new plant in Starołęka district in Poznań for the production of injection pumps (Lucas license) for Perkins engines for tractors produced with license of Massey-Ferguson

1996 year

WSK incorporated into the structure of ZPC Ursus (Warszawa)

1998 year

establishment of the company Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego –    Poznań Sp. z o.o.

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