ul. Unii Lubelskiej 3, 61-249 Poznań Poland, phone: +48 61 878 32 00, fax: +48 61 879 33 01, e-mail: wsk@wsk-poznan.com.pl

Welcome in WSK Poznan
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  • Mission

WSK – Poznan mission is to produce and deliver articles for producers and users of high pressure engines.

Our main capital are our customers, to whom we sell goods and services of the highest quality in competitive prices.


  • About company

WSK – Poznan is a history of Polish industry created on basis of a long time experience and innovation. During many years of operation our company gained an unquestionable position of a leader in the above mentioned branches.  

Our goal, which we consistently pursue, is to develop and introduce new technologies and products so as to fully cover market’s increasing requirements in this field.

WSK-Poznan is a company with over 90 years of experience. The Company is joining tradition and modernity, it has a firm position in engine, aircraft and gas equipment industry. Our goods are known for a very high quality all over the world, proved by many awards and distinctions. Share of production directed on export is growing every year and currently it covers over 60% of total sales.

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  • Quality and reliability

Our company is in conformance with the following standards of Quality and Environmental Management System:
- ISO 9001:2008 certificate BV no. PL002245/U

Our factory’s products have also the required standards confirming their best quality and safety:
-Lucas certificate for DPA hydraulic heads
-Safety “B” certificate for products manufactured in our factory


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